When you get a Bible, will you know where to start, how to navigate its contents, and what its symbols mean? Reading the Bible may seem to be an overwhelming challenge.

The Message of Truth is our basic course on how to study the Bible. Not a Bible study, instead, a how to read and study the Bible.

The ten lessons will take you from a basic introduction about the layout of the Bible, followed by an overview as to how to follow its themes, sections, and its silver lining – the great controversy between good and evil. Specific guidance is provided as to how to study each book of the Bible including the famous books of prophecy – Daniel and Revelation.


1. Get a Bible!
An introduction to what the Bible is: an overview presenting its structure, key features and interesting facts about it.

2. Reading the Bible!
Where to start in getting acquainted with the content of the Bible? An ABC of how to read it.

3. Reading the Bible as a book
Introducing the author(s), the theme, the characters, the plot, and general setting.

4. 'In the beginning'
The best place to start reading the Bible is its first book, Genesis. Get to know epochs, heroes, places, and the Bible's timeline.

5. 'The Word became flesh'
Introducing the four gospels, with an emphasis on the Gospel of John, coming to know Jesus, His actions and even His way of reading the Bible.

6. From Exodus to Deuteronomy
Navigate through the first books of the Bible, following Israel's story from bondage in Egypt to deliverance in the Promised Land.

7. How to read the Prophets
What is a prophet? And what is prophecy? This lesson will cover key epochs, crucial events and their spiritual dimension, all found in the historic and prophetic writings of the Old Testament.

8. How to read the Wisdom books
Can one study while being hurt? A presentation on how to read a specific set of Bible books: the famous book of Psalms, story of Job, the reflections in Proverbs or Ecclesiastes.

9. The Acts and the Epistles of the Apostles
Presenting the book of Acts and the epistles of various apostles of Jesus Christ, as a sample of Christianity in its first century and a chart for the spiritual life of today's believers.

10. Understanding the Apocalypse
Two prophetic books of the Bible, Daniel and Revelation, will be covered in this final lesson. Reading them in their context, they are far from cryptic or 'doom and gloom', but rather reflecting the hope of a brighter future.

'The Message of Truth' course was written by pastor Christian Salcianu, director of the Adventist Discovery Centre (ADC, UK and Ireland).

When you qualify for a free Bible, the first lesson of this course will come in the post, with your hard-cover Bible. You may continue to study our printed version. Alternatively, the online version is available on the ADC courses platform.

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